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20 Colors Fashion Bowties

10 $

This Bowtie is an elegant fashion accessory for men. Noble and high-quality processed bow tie in 20 different colors. A bow tie is a perfect alternative to a normal tie. This little accessory turns every shirt and suit into a fashionable outfit. The tie only needs to be attached to the collar of a men's shirt.

With a Bowtie, gentlemen stand out from the crowd in a fashionable way. The small accessory signifies awareness of fashion and a joy for life. With just a single pair of men's accessories, men conjure up a touch of luxurious exclusivity in everyday life, with which they impress the ladies. If necessary, the bow tie can quickly be released from the collar at an informal meeting.
WG001 White
WG002 Sliver gray
WG003 Lake blue
WG004 Champagne
WG005 Purple
WG006 Dark green
WG007 Red
WG008 Grape
WG009 Wine red
WG010 Navy blue
WG011 Dark red
WG013 Grass Green
WG014 Light green
WG015 Light purple
WG016 Watermelon red
WG017 Yellow
WG018 Coffee
WG019 Black
WG020 Dark purple
WG12 Royal blue
WG21 Light pink


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