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The 5 Styles of Shoes Every Guy Needs
03 Mar

The 5 Styles of Shoes Every Guy Needs

Pick one pair of shoes from the following categories and your footwear needs will be covered for the majority of life’s adventures. These are the essential shoes that every stylish guy needs to manage weddings, job interviews, work, travel, dates, and the like. They’re the foundation on which you can build onwards and upwards from. Each pair of shoes on this list meets the following criteria:

  • Covers multiple, common situations
  • Affordable options are easy to find
  • They lean more traditional (nothing too wacky/super modern)

1. The Mandatory Black Oxford

There’s no getting around it; we all need a pair of formal black oxfords. Funerals, job interviews, black tie weddings, and other inevitable life events call for this shoe. Your black oxfords might be the least worn shoe in your closet, but you’ll be happy to have them on hand (and on foot) for those important occasions.

2. The Indispensable Brown Brogue

Wingtip, cap-toe, long-wing, balmoral, or blucher. Brogues come in a wide variety of styles and levels of formality. Choose one that fits your weekly lifestyle best. Brown brogues can be worn with anything from a suit, to a pair of dark, well fitting denim, from khakis to flannel trousers. Darker brown will be more versatile, yet lighter brown will be more eye-catching (as shown above with the walnut Allen Edmonds Strand).

3. The Obligatory Boots

Boots are perfect for those days when the weather is rough, and lesser, weaker shoes let the elements nip at your delicate, sensitive mankles. Office warriors can add a touch of rebellion to their work outfit by swapping the oxford shoes for a pair of dress boots. Life travelers can treat their ankles to a pair of suede chukkas. Londoners and Australian businessmen can wear black Chelsea Boots everywhere. Yes, everywhere.

4. The Essential Casual Shoes

This is a category that covers many styles. Penny loafers, drivers, desert boots (I know, crossover), bucks, etc. Some of us live in our chukkas, even in summer. Some of us wear our boat shoes year-round. These are shoes for days when we don’t want to dress to the nines. We want something informal and comfortable, and we want to look damn fine in our leisure.

5. The Versatile Low Top Sneakers

For when you’re at your most casual, yet not at the gym, it’s tough to beat a pair of classic low top kicks. Why low top? High tops are great and all, but they’re pretty tough to wear with shorts in the summer. Low top, canvas, suede, or leather sneakers can be worn year round with a variety of outfits. Get them in white or a neutral shade and they’ll go with everything.


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