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Here Are The Shoes You Need For Every Style Of Pants
09 Jun

Here Are The Shoes You Need For Every Style Of Pants

Let's not kid ourselves — it's pretty hard to match the right pair of shoes to your pants.

Never look like a schlub again.

(You're welcome.)

If you're wearing shorts, you should keep your shoes casual. Sperry and other boat shoes are generally the go-to options. You can also go for casual sneakers like Vans or Supergas — and if you are so inclined, feel free to go for a brighter color here. Last, men's espadrilles are a good choice, too. They're breathable and light so they're best for a really hot day.

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Sometimes you need to dress up your jeans, and other times you can go super casual. If it's the former, then get yourself some oxfords. But if you're doing the whole jeans-and-tee-shirt thing, high top sneakers or even some printed sneakers work.

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When it comes to casual chinos, you generally want to stay towards the camp mocs and penny loafers genre. Chukkas are also a solid option — but don't try and buy some weird color. Occasionally, if you're in a particularly casual setting, some sort of basic sneakers are a nice option too. We recommend navy colored ones, as navy pairs nicely with the casual chino.

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Every man needs a good pair of shoes for dress trousers — these are for your more dressed up occasions. Now, in this case, you should stay far, far away from sneakers and other casual types of shoes. There are lots of different options you can go with — it just depends on what you prefer.

And if you're looking for monkstraps, we recommend staying away from the single-strap and triple-strap options.

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And finally, for suits. Sort of similar to the dress trouser situation, however when it comes to suits and work situations, it's best to err on the side of conservative.


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