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9 Clothing Items to Make Your Crush Like You
04 Mar

9 Clothing Items to Make Your Crush Like You

Unless you are living in a bubble, you already know that there is an attractive scale: 0 to 10. How attractive are you in comparison to that scale? Most of us fall under the average scale which is anywhere from 5 to 8. But, you can move your placement on this scale with strategic steps. These steps include vamping up your wardrobe. So, here are 9 clothing items you can wear to make your crush like you! Wearing these items will guarantee you will look more and more like a 10/10 every day!

.A Fitted Sweater

Fitted sweaters show off your muscles. Now ask yourself, what is one thing women love in a guy? That’s right, muscles. This is one clothing item you can wear that will perfectly fit your body and instantly make you more attractive. If you wear a baggy sweater it will make you look overweight, but a fitted sweater will sculpt your body perfectly and cause you to look much more desirable in a woman’s eyes.

2.A Beanie

This is one clothing piece that can work miracles for some guys, but not for others. It all comes down to your head shape. If you have a perfectly shaped head, beanies will make you look super sexy in a female’s eyes. However, if you don’t have a perfectly shaped head, a beanie will throw off your look. Figure out if wearing a beanie would enhance your attractiveness and use it to your advantage!

3.A White Tee Shirt

A quality white t-shirt does a lot to your body without you even realizing it. White makes your body look thicker, and black makes your body look thinner. So, if you are a naturally skinny guy, it would benefit you to wear a white t shirt. It will make you look more buff to a woman and instantly make them more attracted to you. If you are a chubbier guy, black is the way to go.


If you want to get rid of dark eye circles, eye bags, or any other abstraction around the eye are, throw on a pair of shades. Sunglasses will instantly make you look more attractive because it adds a sense of mystery to you, and they also get rid of eye bags or dark circles as I mentioned previously. 

5.Black Fitted Jeans

If you want to know of clothing item that makes you 10x more mysterious and desirable, it’s black jeans. The color black is proven to implement thoughts of curiosity from a woman’s stand point. Also, black is just sexy. It makes you look manlier and more attractive. So, make sure you have a well fitted pair of black jeans in your closet.

6.A Flannel

If you want to look like a real man, throw on a flannel. For some reason, women love flannels. It makes a guy look like a lumberjack, which is then translated to women as being drop-dead sexy. If you don’t believe me, throw on a flannel and see how much luckier you get. Just trust me on this one boys. Go throw on a flannel.

7.A Pair of Boots

Now that you have your flannel on, throw on a pair of boots to match them. The amazing thing about boots is that it allows you to look different from the guys who are just wearing sneakers. It also allows you to gain a few inches on your height. We all know that women like a tall guy. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy a pair of stylish boots and get the ball rolling!

8.Cropped Shorts

Especially during the warmer seasons, cropped shorts are a necessity. When you wear a quality pair of cropped shorts, it shows women that you know style and it also allows them to see your quads. Women like to see skin on guys, just like we like to see skin on women. So, if you show a little skin as well as your beautifully sculpted quads, you are in for a fun night!

9.Pull Over Shirts

These shirts are the real definition of sexy. Pullover shirts allow you to unbutton a few buttons where you can show off some chest. As mentioned previously, women love to see some skin. So, wearing one of these shirts will make a girl instantly interested in you because you look like a sexy stud.




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