7 Things Bad Boys Do DIFFERENT Than “Nice Guys” (YOU)! – NewVision
7 Things Bad Boys Do DIFFERENT Than “Nice Guys” (YOU)!
01 Mar

7 Things Bad Boys Do DIFFERENT Than “Nice Guys” (YOU)!

Want to be a badboy? Here’s how

  1. They say ‘f@#k it, who cares”, are willing to take changes, are willing to fail — you need to go out on a limb and take a chance to go after your dreams. And you can’t be that confident, self-assured person if you let that little voice in the back of your head say ‘don’t even try’.
  2. They talk less and listen more — bad boys are more comfortable with the awkward silences. This is something that Alpha has been actively working on.
  3. They are better at eye contact — self-assured bad boys are able to maintain eye contact when they see someone checking them out because they are confident. They may even give a little smirk which sends a subliminal message that you are the man.
  4. They leave a longer lasting impression on people that they meet — (a) smile (b) appropriate touch (c) have a signature scent
  5. They don’t apologize for having an opinion — don’t change who you are to get someone to like you. Say what you want to say and have an opinion about topics that you’ve thought about. It’s okay to be different, have a healthy dialogue, and engage in diplomatic debates.
  6. They don’t look boring, safe, or basic — look edgy especially with leather and sunglasses
  7. They have more attractive body language — they look strong and powerful with feet wider, shoulders back & up.


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