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10 INSTANT Clothing Hacks to Look More ATTRACTIVE & STYLISH!
28 Feb

10 INSTANT Clothing Hacks to Look More ATTRACTIVE & STYLISH!

You're a guy who knows the fundamentals and takes care of himself.

Say you go out one night, though, and look in the mirror. Something's off… but you need to be out the door NOW. What do you do?

Today we're going over 10 instant clothing hacks to upgrade on the fly.

1. Matching Belts With Trousers

This tip is for the shorter men out there. Forget about matching your leathers, because we're creating an optical illusion by matching your belt with your trousers. Short men are called short mainly because their legs aren't as tall as other guys. What this hack does is make you appear more proportional by taking away attention from the waist.

2. Throwing On Shades

Sunglasses are powerful accessories that can add to your personal style and mystique.

Let's talk about that for a moment – sunglasses lend a mysterious air to the wearer. It makes people curious as to what the man beneath is about. Sunglasses also add symmetry and balance to your face.

Men's sunglasses also come in a wide range of styles from club masters, wayfarers, and aviators, giving you the freedom to make the best choice.

3. V-Neck Undershirts

Crewneck shirts are quite common, but they don't do anything for you.

My recommendation? V-neck undershirts, because they help draw eyes to the chest. It's an easy fix to a casual outfit.

A note of warning: Avoid deep-v's unless they're undershirts. No one needs to see your man cleavage.


4. Fitted Dress Shirts

I've stressed this countless times: Fit is king. The most expensive dress shirts will have you looking woefully disheveled if they are too big.

et's go over a few quick tips for achieving the perfect shirt fit:

  • You should be able to fit two fingers under the closed collar – no more, no less.
  • The tops of the sleeve should rest right at the edge of your shoulders.
  • The sleeves should look smooth around your arm – not overly tight nor baggy. You'll know it when you see it.
  • Make sure the dress shirt has minimal-to-no billowing around the waist.

5. The Right Contrast

Knowing how to use contrasting colors is an instant clothing hack that can be very powerful with the right skin tone. While you can seek out whichever colors suit your fancy, certain colors complement certain skin types. Choosing the right colors can help highlight your face.

Let's go over the different contrast types:

  • High-Contrast men (light skin/dark hair): Benefit from bolder colors such as deep navy or white worn with a contrasting jacket.
  • Medium-Contrast men (medium skin/dark hair): Have the largest variety of choices, but are best-dressed with slightly more muted tones such as olive green.
  • Low-Contrast (light skin/light hair): Muted colors and pastels suit these men well. Consider pink and baby blue.
  • Low-Contrast (dark skin/dark hair): Black men should approach style with a medium to high contrast mindset. The darker your skin, the bolder the colors should be. Consider turquoise or purple.

6. Fitted Jeans

Jeans are as common as bread yet most men wear the wrong sizes. To look your best in jeans, you need to know your body type and buy based on that.

How do you figure this out? Proportion is the name of the game. Slim men, for instance, look snazzy in slim-fitted jeans. Athletic men can get away with a slim-fit, but they can also wear a pair of straight-legged jeans or a boot cut.

What about dad bods? You want to go a little looser with a straight leg or loose-fitting jeans. We're not talking super loose, but loose enough that your body looks well-balanced.


7. Hit The Gym, Hit The Shower

Both of these go together because they deal with confidence. Even if you haven't hit the gym in a month, going just once is going to activate your endorphins and make you happier.

Exercising and showering can jump-start your energy levels.

The same goes for the shower. Before a big conference talk or even a late-night party, consider jumping in the shower for a quick rinse & scrub. Trust me, you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on any challenge.


8. Signature Scents

When it comes to instant clothing hacks, fragrances are the most powerful. A single squirt makes a big difference.

The world of men's colognes can seem daunting, but finding your scent is as simple as answering one question: What do you love smelling? And researching from there.

9. Get A Cut With Your Barber

Every man should get a haircut about twice a month, but the critical factor here is to go with your regular barber.

Don't cheat on your barber before a date.

Why? He's going to know what looks well on you and what doesn't. This is especially the case if you've got a big event coming up and you want to play it safe.


10. Basic Grooming Habits

You probably already use some kind of product in your hair, but have you thought of switching it up?

Accustomed to the sleek style of pomade? Consider how a paste or fiber will give you a more laid look. The point is to try new looks. If it isn't for you, you can simply change back!

What about the bearded men out there? It's imperative that you keep that mane looking fresh and clean. Beard oils and brushes are a must. The oil isn't actually for your beard at all, it's for the skin beneath. As facial hair grows, it dries the skin around it. Beard oil ensures that this never happens. It also gives the hair itself a nice shine.

You can take it up a notch with beard balm. Think of it as a paste for your facial hair in order to keep its shape.

Ok, we went a little beyond clothing at some points, but these all figure into the final product: you. By using these quick tips, you're bound to take your style game to another level.


Antonio Centeno https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/instant-clothing-hacks-men/


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